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Don’t even get me started on the Natalie Shea graffiti case… but it did get me thinking.


Defacing property is not cool… even if the person deserves it.  However, that doesn’t mean that all graffiti is bad.

Case and point… Ellis G.  His work has a cult following (as it should in my opinion) for his chalk outlines throughout NYC.  I actually overheard a dude, who was unchaining his bike in the LES one night, tell his buddy that he was officially a NYer now that his bike had been shadowed by the tricky Ellis G.  And upon my eavesdropping I instantly felt jealous…



Check out BUFFdiss, a street artist, who uses masking tape to create his pieces.  All it takes is a simple yank and the art is gone. 



There is also SAS, Street Advertising Services, who ‘tag’ logos on dirty surfaces, walls, roads, pavement and even road signs using a stencil and a high-powered steam machine.  This technique actually cleans your logo onto a surface… genius!


Where there’s a will creative mind, there’s a way… something we should keep in mind as we develop new media plans for clients.

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Beat Box Extraordinaire

Seriously, if this beat boxer doesn’t blow you away, I give up!

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Bad Meaning Bad, Not Bad Meaning Good

Do you need a little 70’s -style inspiration?  Enjoy…

Welcome to EUROBAD ‘74, an exhibition of Europe‘s worst interiors of 1974.


I have heard of the curtain matching the carpet… but never the kitchen matching the car!


I’m dizzy… not the good kind of dizzy.

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Paris By Light

Get inspired…

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More Cube Decor


On my continued quest for cubicle decor, MailboxTees introduced me to this tape dispenser that is too cool for school… a saying that just as old as the tape cassette itself!

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I am Not a Plastic Bag


The Photographers’ Gallery, an independent photo gallery in London, invited people to submit photos of plastic bags that they happened upon for an upcoming collection.  

The Plastic Bag Collection is part of a continued effort to encourage audience participation in the gallery’s exhibits while illustrating the influence of photography in everyday life.


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Dumbledore is Gay


On October 15th, in Hollywood, at a Harry Potter book signing, J.K. Rowling revealed that Albus Dumbledore is gay. 

Check out NewsWeek if you don’t believe me.

Talk about brand re-invigoration!

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