When I was a child my mother and I would have these special “hookie” days.  These entailed her calling my elementary school to fib to report that I was too ill to attend that day while secretly whisking me off to a day of shopping with her in Beverly Hills.  On our drive there we would pass the American Cement Building on Wilshire Blvd.   

American Cement Building

The exterior of the building was designed by Malcolm Leland out of reinforced concrete sculpted into a pattern using 10 foot tall X-shapes.  The building looks cool because it is so different but I wouldn’t call this 60’s style facade beautiful… until now…

I just found these amazing bookends inspired by Malcolm Leland’s X00 industrial design thanks to Velocity Art And Design.


I no longer live in LA – I don’t want to live there right now nor am I convinced that I will ever again but when I found these I got this warm familiar feeling.  (Insert: Barbara Streisand’s Memories)  I must have them!!!

I wonder how many other LA-born would feel the same way if they saw these beauties? 


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