Office Space

A girlfriend of mine, who also recently started a new job, pointed out just how difficult it has been for her to properly decorate her cube.  She figures that the reason for such ugly workspaces is an honest lack of cubicle decor options… and here I always thought it was due to general poor taste.

Well, I don’t want to be “that” girl with “that” cube so please share any cool suggestions on how to personalize my cube.  In the meantime I spotted these awesome finds which will be on my desk in 6-10 business days.

This adorably colorful Piu Piu Bird Magnet actually chirps when you touch it (my co-workers are going to love that feature, I’m sure) in addition to holds your precious paperclips.  Thanks SFGirlByBay!

piu piu sideways

Although I don’t have many loose papers… I’m an uber organized binder kinda gal… I still scooped up with small nugget paper weight by SmallStump on Etsy.

 white nugget

Now, if only Rex Ray made affordable mini resin panels…  sigh…

Rex Ray resin panel




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