When you care enough to hit send

I love greeting cards — there is a huge stack in my “junk drawer”, even though I do not consider any of their thoughtful sentiments junk, just waiting to be sent or handed (I hate buying stamps) to a special someone. 

Car washes love me… I spend more on cards than cleaning my golden beast… and specialty boutiques see the $$$ floating over my head as I beeline to the thank you card display.

Not to burst my own bubble but physical cards aren’t the most practical in a world where most people are strapped (voluntarily and involuntarily) to their computers for hours a day. 

The problem is that there haven’t been too many Web sites devoted to electronic greetings that weren’t either extremely lame or charged you the same price as is expected for physical cards.  Now listen, I know it is a service and of course a business but I am just not ready to spend my cash on an virtual card… call me crazy… actually don’t – I hate that.

But wait no more.  I have found a great solution… SomeECards.  First off they are free — lets just put that out there.  But beware… these are not your mothers cards.  Which is exactly why I want to send them… and send them online where my mom cant find them and scold me.


booty call

arm candy



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