Pop Magic

Mugen Puti Puti

I was one of the many that stood outside of FAO Schwartz in San Francisco to get one of the first tamagotchi‘s so you can imagine my interest when I read about the Mugen Puti Puti – touted as the “new tamagotchi” – in Business Week.

As much as I loved that digital pet egg – this toy takes the cake!  Mugen Puti Puti (which roughly translates into “pop forever”) is a keychain with tiny buttons that when pushed mimic the experience of popping bubble wrap from a real recording of actual packaging being pop.  If that wasn’t awesome enough, every 100th “pop” makes an unexpected sound, like a dog barking (sampled on the Web site), a fart or a sexy woman’s voice.

Amazingly, Business Week reports that over 300,00 were sold in the first nine days of being on the market and Bandi (the world’s third largest toy producer and proud producer of the Mugen Puti Puti) projects 2,000,000 by March 2008.  Unfortunately it has not been determined whether or not this will be sold in the US so if anybody out there is traveling to Asia and wouldn’t mind picking one up for me I would happily buy one for their popping enjoyment too!



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