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The Works


I don’t usually ask for books as gifts… but if I did, The Works: Anatomy of a City would be the book… new and in hardcover!

About the Book:  The Works: Anatomy of a City contains everything you ever wanted to know about what makes New York City run.  Across the city lies a series of extraordinarily complex and interconnected systems. Often invisible, and wholly taken for granted, these are the systems that make urban life possible.  The Works: Anatomy of a City offers a cross section of this hidden infrastructure, using beautiful, innovative graphic images combined with short, clear text explanations to answer all the questions about the way things work in a modern city. It describes the technologies that keep the city functioning, as well as the people who support them.  While the book uses New York as its example, it has relevance well beyond that city’s boundaries as the systems that make New York a functioning metropolis are similar to those that keep the bright lights burning in big cities everywhere.   The Works is for anyone who has ever stopped mid-crosswalk, looked at the rapidly moving metropolis around them, and wondered, how does this all work?

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I am a fan of herringbone.   What once was seen as “old mans fabric” has made a much deserved comeback and I approve.

The most remarkable example of this trend is by Alison Brooks Architects who have designed two Herringbone Houses in Wandsworth, London via dezeen.





I only wish I knew how to PhotoShop these houses with a pipe for the ultimate in sophistication!


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Wanna Go to the Movies?

I love the unique perspective taken to market REC, a new Spanish horror flick. 

This trailer actually PROVES that the product will deliver on it’s promise… it doesn’t offer a lame guarantee or make a empty promise.

Although I don’t like scary movies (they haunt me), speak Spanish or know what this movie is about – I want to see this movie.  I’m sold.

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I Heart Pantone

Sorry I have been MIA but I went on an amazing trip to NYC with my mom to, well, you know…. bond.  And bonding to us means shopping, eating and sleeping (in any order).  A lot.  

So while we were bonding I ran into my one of my heart throbs… Pantone.  You know, Pantone!  The literal “authority of color” and creator of those cute little color chips.  Ever since I can remember, I have coveted the Pantone color bibles… pages and pages of beautiful colors that melt into the next.  Yum!


Anyway,  I ran into Pantone when we popped our heads into Uniqlo— an always packed clothing store in SoHo with gigantic front windows that flood the rainbow of clothing colors out onto the street.  I found that now 20 of those amazing colors are born from a partnership with Pantone which made those neatly folded sweater wall displays even more tempting to mess up as put every color up to my face.  “How do I look in this one?”  Brill!


So when I got back home I started e-stalking Pantone and found that Mango‘s spring/summer line included the New Pantone Bag — which, despite my feelings for Mango, was quite lovely due to the gorgeous colors!

mango-and-pantone.jpg  pantone-bags.jpg

It seems as though my dear Pantone gets around.  

The point is — when a brand partnership makes sense, I am all about it… especially when it involves by beloved Pantone!

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Rain Rocks

Rain can be a pain on your walk to work, while trying to catch a cab or when figuring out a good looking night-on-the-town outfit but overall it is so wonderful. 

I don’t know what this image on FFFFound is actually of, but it reminds me of the rain as I saw it from the back seat of my parents car on the way home from dinner on a stormy night.  All colorful, dazzling and distorted. 


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Under My Skirt

Anybody who has been to Doma understands the importance of a privacy screen for their laptop. 

Loads of creative types — writing the next SNL skit, a screen play or column for The Onion — fight for a seat at this artsy cafe and then complain about how everybody is reading over their shoulder and/or stealing their ideas.  It’s a downtown right-of-passage into the world of copy writing.

But for those that don’t want to use the privacy screen and (gasp!) don’t want to bitch & moan, I think I found the answer to their prayers…

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Interesting vs Right


I had an amazing leader at Miami Ad School, Denzil, who I appreciate more and more everyday…  The first day of class he told us, “It is more important to be interesting than right.” 

Over the past few months I have learned that statement to me absolutely true.

Which brings me to Lynette Webb, a Senior Strategic Insights Manager at Google.  She has created a flickr album titled Interesting Snippets which I equate to the electronic version of The Art of Looking Sideways (which makes it gold in my opinion).

Unfortunately, I don’t remember how I stumbled across Interesting Snippets but I highly recommend you check it out… if not for insight, than for inspiration,


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