The Works


I don’t usually ask for books as gifts… but if I did, The Works: Anatomy of a City would be the book… new and in hardcover!

About the Book:  The Works: Anatomy of a City contains everything you ever wanted to know about what makes New York City run.  Across the city lies a series of extraordinarily complex and interconnected systems. Often invisible, and wholly taken for granted, these are the systems that make urban life possible.  The Works: Anatomy of a City offers a cross section of this hidden infrastructure, using beautiful, innovative graphic images combined with short, clear text explanations to answer all the questions about the way things work in a modern city. It describes the technologies that keep the city functioning, as well as the people who support them.  While the book uses New York as its example, it has relevance well beyond that city’s boundaries as the systems that make New York a functioning metropolis are similar to those that keep the bright lights burning in big cities everywhere.   The Works is for anyone who has ever stopped mid-crosswalk, looked at the rapidly moving metropolis around them, and wondered, how does this all work?


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  1. Hello, just stoped by the comment section to thank you for the work you have been doing so others can enjoy your blog with a morning cup of coffe 🙂

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