You Light Up My Life

People who say timing is everything have never been in a dressing room lit by florescent lighting.  Clearly “baby light” is everything… not only to my fragile ego but also your eyes.

Lighting that rocks…

The Arco Floor Lamp was designed in the 1960s.  The lamp was intended to illuminate the dining table and by providing overhead lighting that doesn’t require ceiling suspension.    It is characterized by the dramatic arc of its stainless steel stem and the counterpoint provided by the weighty Carrara marble base. The hole in the marble base is designed to allow transport with a broom handle and has become one of the lamp’s signature design elements.


The Polar Pendant Lamp by Fido (via Mailboxtees).  This lamp is awesome – this organic shaped pendant lamp is made from mouth-blown glass that flows from a milky opal color to clear transparent.  These are as awesome as the old fashioned light bulbs at the SoHo Grand… but then again, I think everything in NYC is awesome.


And then there is the Pablo Bel Occhio Lamp that creates both ambient and spotlight.  The white cylinder tucked inside the acrylic sphere is cradled on a base allowing infinite spotlight adjustments… wowza!  I cant get the image to with the white cylinder to load so check out the orange one in the meantime.


And last but not least, this gorgeous Mouth Blown Glass Cluster Lamp by Michele Varian…


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