(ATE) All Things English

This is my first installment of ATE – new, super cool things that I have discovered in or from England…  

David Austin Roses

In general roses seem a little creepy to me.  They remind me of my Nana who grew them (or rather had her gardeners keep them up) in her front yard… and they just seemed so mean with their prickly stems that lined the pathway right up to her front door.  However, I just discovered David Austin Roses, a breeder of a variety of roses that look more like peonies (my favorite) and come in a huge variety of colors… the most beautiful being the peach and pink.  I think that David Austin may have just made me a changed woman!  


 Museum of Witchcraft

The Museum of Witchcraft houses the world’s largest collection of witchcraft related artifacts and regalia.  The museum has been in Boscastle since 1960 and is one of Cornwall’s most popular museums.  My favorite object on the museum’s site is the Get Lost Box (the one in the photo is wrapped in a stocking – it’s kinda hard to make out).  It was common to consult a witch when you wanted to get rid of something — anything from a broken heart to a nasty neighbor.  The witch would then create something that represented the problem you wanted to get rid of, place it in a beautiful box and leave it at a crossroads.  The box would then most likely be taken by somebody who couldn’t control their desire for it (aka. a thief) and when they did they also took away your problem.  This kinda reminds me of those little worry dolls I had as a kid… and they worked!   





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