So Wrong it is Wrong, is a Web site dedicated to pictures of hot chicks with total and complete douche-bags.  I think douchebagswithdouchebags is a more accurate name but what do I know?!  The social anthropologist in me couldn’t pull myself away from the commentary on this “cultural phenomenon”.Until you get a chance to check it out or rather, since you wont be checking it out, tie yourself over with the man behind the magic… who, um… kinda looks like Ashton Kutcher… have I just been punked?!?!  I sure hope so because nobody should ever say “douche-on” and mean it!

About Me
Name: Douchebag1
Location:Los Angeles, CA, United States

“I’m douchebag1, your humble guide into the dark cultural trainwreck of hottie/douchey commingling. This site is all about poking fun at douche-scrotes and the hotties who love them. If you’re in a photo and upset about the verbal smackdown you morally and spiritually deserve, email me and I’ll take down the photo. Otherwise, douche-on!!”


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