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Sent From my iPhone

So a friend of mine programmed the signature on her gmail account to read “Sent from my iPhone” just for the hell of it… even though she doesn’t have iPhone.  Here are her rants…

“It’s fun b/c I feel like I’m stealing only I’m not really stealing. It’s like buying a Chinatown Gucci bag. It’s amazing how many people are all, “YOU have an iPhone?” Why can I not be on the cutting edge and ride the technological super highway with everyone else? So what, if I had an iPhone. What’s the big whoop? I think it makes iPhone owners mad that I am “stealing” and I am not sure why, but that’s what makes it so much fun for me.”

I wish this had been my idea… so in the spirit of stealing I am going to change my gmail signature too!

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I am blown away by the Fetish exhibition.  First shown at Design Art London, it showcased five limited edition pairs of shoes by Christian Louboutin alongside five signed photographs of the shoes by David Lynch.  Speechless…

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My Beautiful Mommy

My Beautiful Mommy is a new picture book for children ages four to seven that aims to explain why mom is getting plastic surgery.  The book features a plastic surgeon named Dr. Michael (a musclebound superhero type) and a girl whose mother gets a tummy tuck, a nose job and breast implants.  If nothing less, it will prepare them for a competitive game of Miss Bimbo, I guess?!?

Via Newsweek

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My sixth installment of All Things English…

Tim Soong wedding plans were wrecked after British Airways managed to lose his luggage which included his and his best man’s suits, and the bride-to-be’s wedding dress.  As if that wasn’t  bad enough, BA continued to add insult to injury by not offering an apology or compensation for their error

He got revenge by posting a covert music video on YouTube that pokes fun at the travails of British Airways £4.3 billion new home at Heathrow with its delayed flights, long queues and faulty lifts.  The video has since become a runaway success and the song, which is likely to be released as a single, is getting repeated plays on London radio stations.

Any traveler can appreciate these lyrics:

The news ain’t good. I’m stuck in a queue. After 15 hours, it still hasn’t moved. They lost all my bags. They lost my wife too.

I asked an official what’s going on but she didn’t seem to know exactly what’s wrong – something about robots and a luggage machine.

And did I know this building was opened by the Queen?  Well that’s really interesting but I should be on holiday in Italy – Vespas, ciao and fettuccine.

I’m surrounded by airport insanity.”

The debacle which followed the opening of Terminal 5 last month has also spawned an Internet game called Terminal Panic in which Willie Walsh, the airline’s chief executive, tries to load bags onto the carousel without being hit by a luggage trolley.

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Nerdic Language

Since Web 2.0 Expo is in full swing it seem fitting to address all-things-nerdy. 

Did you know that ‘geek speak’ has become the fastest growing language in Europe as new words are invented to describe technological advances.

Experts claim about 100 new words are added to the language of technology, dubbed ‘Nerdic’, every year – three times the number of new words making it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

And this year it is projected that the number of new Nerdic words will rise to 200, according to research carried out by e-tailer pixmania.comto mark the 15th anniversary of the Internet.

Words created to describe technological breakthroughs can transcend other languages, the research found. For example, the word ‘internet’ is understood and used throughout the world, even in non-English speaking countries.   In France, the translation of Internet is ‘toile d’araignee mondiale’ – but most people still refer to the Internet.

Now calls (by whom, I do not know) have even been made to have Nerdic recognised as an official language.’s Top 10 Nerdic words & phrases for 2008

1. Wimax– Supersized Wi-Fi will give whole cities Internet coverage, Milton Keynes already has it.

2. RickRoll– To intentionally misdirect Internet users to a video of Never Gonna Give You Up by 80s one-hit-wonder Rick Astley.

3. UGC(user generated content) – The buzz word in the Internet right now. Photobucket, Facebook and YouTube all rely on the reader generating content on the sites.

4. Mashup– Take two or more really interesting elements from different websites or applications and make them into one – think GoogleMaps with an overlay of where you can buy clown outfits from.

5. RFID– Radio-frequency identification (RFID) will allow you to track your packages around the world or let you know how your bananas have travelled to you.

6. Android– Think iPhone but with a slightly different interface on phones from Samsung to HTC and with the ability for anyone to make applications for it.

7. HDMI– The new Scart lead allows you to connect High-Def devices together, like your TV to your new Blu-ray player.

8. Fuel-cell – Green water powered battery for everything from cars to laptops that will boost your gadget’s life considerably over standard batteries.

9. HSDPA– The next step up from 3G on mobile phones. Makes accessing the Internet on your mobile just as fast if not faster than your broadband connection at home.

10. DVB-H – Newly announced Mobile TV standard for Europe that allows you to watch TV on your mobile on the go.

Via The Telegraph

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My fifth installment of All Things English…

For me, shopping isn’t just about spending money and in return collecting things to take home.  I am more about the experience (maybe if I had more money to spend it would be different… who knows) which includes the sights, sounds and tastes!  That is why I cant wait to visit Fortnum & Mason‘s new ice cream parlor designed by David Collins for the store’s 300th Anniversary.  And while you are there don’t miss out on their house specialty… Knickerbocker Glories!

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Lust For – II

My second installment of “Lust For”.

I am in a new phase of my life… the nesting phase.  And in my quest to create the perfect nest I will have to get some of Alyssa Ettinger’s vintage dairy bottle replicas

These porcelain half pints would spruce up any room and my mood.

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