Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire


Thanks to smokeless fire, fireplaces no longer need to be in a fixed place in your home.   The Studio Vertijet Travelmate is a ventless, free-standing, mobile fireplace that makes it possible to have a roaring fire anywhere you want… on the carpet, on the dining table, next to the sofa, by the bath tub, in the garden, ANYWHERE!  And I love that it looks like a suitcase.

I have never been lucky enough to have a fireplace in my apartments but many times I have wished that I could snuggle with my honey in front of one with a beautiful glass on wine.  It is pricey… $3,750… but sooo worth it! 

Here is how it works:

“The glass pane, which is held on with magnets, is only removed in order to light the fire. Once the glass pane has been replaced, the fuel tank can be opened and closed, using the stainless steel slide at the front of the fireplace, thereby allowing the flames to be regulated from the outside. And once back on, the glass pane protects you (and your things) from the fire.”

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