Sent From my iPhone

So a friend of mine programmed the signature on her gmail account to read “Sent from my iPhone” just for the hell of it… even though she doesn’t have iPhone.  Here are her rants…

“It’s fun b/c I feel like I’m stealing only I’m not really stealing. It’s like buying a Chinatown Gucci bag. It’s amazing how many people are all, “YOU have an iPhone?” Why can I not be on the cutting edge and ride the technological super highway with everyone else? So what, if I had an iPhone. What’s the big whoop? I think it makes iPhone owners mad that I am “stealing” and I am not sure why, but that’s what makes it so much fun for me.”

I wish this had been my idea… so in the spirit of stealing I am going to change my gmail signature too!


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  1. me

    bastards!!! LOL

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