More sexual spam that arrived this morning…

  • Stop being a loser – this is a given
  • The best way to stripe a woman – I have to assume he forgot to hit spell check on that one…
  • Never been a real good lovemaker – clearly intended for all those fake good love makers out there
  • Study shows woman love bigdigg – I am impressed with the R&D that went into this product… SOLD!
  • Your maid will be please like with no one else before!  – P.S. She is totally fired!

Come on NoticeThings readers… I know you must have received some dozies!  Send them my way so we can share with the world! 


Filed under good times, I AM SPAM, marketing, Reality Check, trends

2 responses to “I AM SPAM – II

  1. Rick

    Here’s the one I’ve been receiving recently:

    “Get a bigger copulation organ today”

  2. Jessica

    I received this spam email today from “Avila”

    “Be the Pied Piper of chicks”

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