Most Baffling Toys from Around the World

Need some entertainment?  Check out The Most Baffling Toys from Around the World list and dont forget to read the comments. 

Here are some of my favorites… a preview, if you will.

“We’re used to Japan’s superior electronics companies ensuring they get new televisions, video games and cell phones before the rest of us, but who knew they’d get the second coming of our Savior a full three years before the rest of the world. You have to love the fact that they’ve decided to use the box to point out ways your Jesus Robot can help you get chicks. As if you needed them to tell you.”

“On the left is a mysterious toy. On the right, a graphical representation of a virus. And, on the bottom is a picture of what can only be a child catching herpes.”

“Aside from the ubiquitous LEGO, there’s dozens of different building block systems marketed throughout the world. However, none of them are as sexually frustrating as Cock Bloc Super.”



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