NYC Waterfalls

The $9-$10 million New York City Waterfalls project will bring 4 man-made waterfalls, ranging 90 to 120 feet, to the East River and New York Harbor this summer. Presented by The Public Art Fund, the waterfalls are the creation of Danish–Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.

The falls will be located under the Brooklyn Bridge, between Brooklyn’s Piers 4 and 5, near Pier 35 in Manhattan, and off Governors Island. They’ll be visible from several points in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Governors Island, as well as from both The Circle Line Downtown and New York Water Taxi which is scheduled to offer several different guided tours for a close-up view.


The city projects tourism revenues to increase by $55 million during the waterfalls’ duration which is great… but honestly, the only waterfall that seems at all cool is the one under the Brooklyn Bridge (image at the top) as the other look like falling back down out of thin air (like below).  A concept that is more like a fountain sprouting out of the middle of the river than a waterfall.  How random is that?


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2 responses to “NYC Waterfalls

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  2. Betty Mitchel !!!

    this is soo fake !!

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