Where Will Life Take You?

Louis Vuitton, the quintessential luxury house announced that it is launching its first ever on-screen corporate campaign with the launch of a 90-second spot for Louis Vuitton to appear on television and in movie theaters starting Feb. 15 in some 15 countries.

Shot in France, Spain, India and Japan, the travel-themed ad entitled, ‘Where will life take you?’ is artsy, even dreamlike with only fleeting glimpses of leather goods and a soundtrack of stirring guitar music. And unlike Louis Vuitton’s print ads that usually feature celebrities, the commercial shows misty and sun-dappled images of ordinary people in exotic locales as questions like ‘What is a journey?’ flash on the screen.

Although the majority of the movie theater I was in laughed once the commercial ended, I loved it!  As a LV owner and fan, I felt connected to the brand again in a way that Kanye West and Jessica Simpson just wouldn’t understand… thankfully. 

What do you think?





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