Where on (Google) Earth is Waldo?

Melanie Coles, a young web designer and artist, has developed a modern day viral game of Where’s Waldo as her graduation project from the Emily Carr Institute.

Her project consists of creating and hiding a massive painting of Waldo on a rooftop somewhere in Vancouver in hopes that it will be captured by the Google Satellite and included in the Google Earth library.  At that point, people around the world can go on a web manhunt for our stripey friend. 


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One response to “Where on (Google) Earth is Waldo?

  1. Barbara

    Well i didn’t find it at all ’cause i have no google earth applicative so far!!
    But i really enjoy that game, lol, and where can i find the tips to finally find him, either in Vancouver, or somewhere else like England, Brazil (my lovely country), Africa or Oriental countries?
    It would be very funny to watch him from above on Taj Mahal, for example!!!

    Is it that somebody else doing the same project on different parts of the world?
    Please, i’ll always be here aware for news!

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