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I would love to get my head out of the gutter… oh wait, no I wouldn’t… which is why I bring you the fourth installment of I AM SPAM.

  • Nothing beats a huge stick – except perhaps a bigger stick…
  • Attract woman like flies with our new penile shaft elongating pills – I believe the saying being referenced is “like flies on shit” which raises all these questions for me…
  • Email Subject:  Have sex till you drop  Email Body: I enjoy sleeping around and the women enjoy my company – WOW – these pills can actually give men manly-bits AND a personality… what’s not to like?!?!

SPAM is nothing but a dirty, four-letter word… isn’t that awesome?

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Suck it!

I have a very active imagination… maybe too active… but that isn’t the point.  The point is that Vinchen‘s A Large Straw in A Small Lake tickles it.  


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Dare, Double Dare or Physical Challenge?

June 24th was the premier of Wipeout – a new, must-see show on ABC, Tuesdays at 8/7c.   It is a physical challenge game show where the challenges are laugh out-loud ridiculous.  Like a trying to run across a tiny ledge above a mud pit without getting punched off into it by mechanical boxing gloves.   And the commentary, both by the hosts and the contestants, is just as good.

So what if it is a blatant ripoff of that Japanese extreme challenge show isn’t original?  I know plenty of people who aren’t… oh wait, bad argument! 

*I would like to give a shout-out to my beloved DVR, who made Wipeout a possibility.


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Announcement: NYC Waterfalls Flowin’

Today, Bloomberg unveiled the New York Waterfalls Project!  Over 35,000 gallons of water a minute is now roaring into the East River thanks to this latest public art installation.   Check it out… tell me what you think!

And you are welcome for not making any TLC references… even though it would have been Crazysexycool

I guess I spoke too soon…

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Wednesday’s Urban Word of the Week: Gothopotamus



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You Break It, You Buy it.

Sometimes I have emotion management issues.  Let’s put it this way… I have been known to sass-off with such venom that licks from the flames of hell actual singe my pants.  But when I don’t, I bottle it up until I am physically sick or chasing my dear friend Xanax with a glass of pinot grigio.  Lovely isn’t it?

But in my defense, what are my options?  Standing in Chrissy Field and screaming on the top of my lungs is effective but unless I want the police being called, it isn’t the best for a city dweller like myself.  I have tried a much quieter approach which involves popping in my ear buds, cranking up my iPod and dancing with reckless abandon in the privacy of my own apartment until I am absolutely exhausted… but I am 30 years old… face it, I could hurt myself.

(Insert: clouds parting and brilliant rays of sunshine) Yarisal & Kubllitz has answered our prayers… the Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine.  You insert a coin into this vending machine-like contraption, select a piece of China, watch it being slowly pushed forward until it falls and smashes to smithereens.  Feel the rush!

Added bonus:  Check out some of the curious installations they have on their site.  Just click on the photos in the Works section to see them in action.

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Overheard @ California & Spruce


In the fantastically beautiful, mega-wealthy Presidio Heights district of San Francisco in front of the neighborhood Starbucks. 


Two well-kept high school (maybe college) girls dressed in designer preppy outfits.  Girl One – has lit cigarette hanging dangling from mouth while she attempts to light Girl Two’s cigarette.  Girl Two – pulls cigarette out of her mouth and looks at the tip to check if it lit and says:

“Is this thing on?”

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