Lukasz Zbylut (pronounced Loo-KASH Zbeh-LOOT) is a Wanted Man… erm, boy.  Wanted by all seven Ivy League colleges he applied to (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Penn, Cornell and Georgetown), along with 10 other prominent schools including Stanford and New York University.  The only school he was rejected from was MIT… my alma mater (insert: bullshit detector siren).

Not impressive enough?  What if I top it by telling you that he immigrated to the US only 5 years ago at which time he only had a very limited grasp of the English Language.  Yeah… that’s what I thought!

The lucky school that L.Z. (come on, his initials are way cooler than his name) is going to attend is his ‘dream school’ – Harvard. 

So… why do I care?  Why do I think you would care?  Well… cuz he is POLISH… as my favorite wack-a-do pal, BabyBound, pointed out.  Hmm… maybe those “Polish jokes” should be rewritten as “American jokes”.  Oh wait… they already are…

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One response to “WANTED!

  1. babybound

    O yeah that’s right. Polish don’t seem so funny now do they…although this kid did kinda look like a bobblehead on the Today Show. That’s kinda funny right?

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