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Walk It Out

Good news! Google now offers walking directions in it’s map application. Sure – it’s not totally necessary in terms of showing you where to walk BUT now you can accurately measure the distance of specific routes which I think is so cool.

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Pretty much every brand executive has heard of YouTube.  Most don’t really understand how it plays out in the cultural landscape but have read enough to understand that they should… and that their jobs might actually depend on that understanding.  But I digress…

One fun YouTube execution that I just found is for the promotion of Batman: The Dark Knight in the Brazilian market.  The marketing team has uploaded trailers from famous Warner Brothers movies (The Bucket List, No Reservations and I Am Legend) which have been edited and ridiculed by the Joker, to show his disgust with the company.  The best part is that they have been uploaded under the user name “haahhahaa” and all contain a phone number that when dialed plays a recorded message from the Joker himself.

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Bottoms Up!

So there is this theory that bikini-clad babes, sex and/or the combination of the two is the special sauce when it comes to marketing beer…

I have no comment on the theory… however, I would like to open the floor to the following questions:

  1. Is “missionary” making a comeback?
  2. Is swinging the new black?
  3. Is the subliminal message, “once you go black you never go back” or did I over-think it?


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Overheard @ Dragon Well


Four-top table in preppy, non-Chinese, Chinese food restaurant called Dragon Well on Chestnut Street in the Marina District of San Francisco.


Cute-as-a-button little girl… three years old to be exact… coloring with a crayon on a two-page coloring book that Dragon Well provided her to keep her grubby hands out of mischief entertained.  Her dad is sitting next to her with another crayon and is pretending that he doesn’t understand how to color by holding the crayon all wrong, to her amusement.  Then the little girl says…

Up Yours, Daddy!

This comment was completely innocent… she wasn’t telling her father off (that will come in 13 more years) but rather instructing him to “up” the crayon in a vertical direction so the exposed end could touch the paper.  Don’t kids say the damnedest things?



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Fire In The Sky

There is this random video I stumbled over on MySpace (don’t judge me… it’s part of my job) that I just cant get out of my mind.  It’s of these paper lanterns being lit and set free to float away.  Now, I don’t know if this video is doctored or not… my guess is that it has been… but it’s beautiful nonetheless.  Enjoy! 

Click on the pics above to see the video.  I can’t embed flash video players in my blog.  😦


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News Flash

While we’re chatting about magazines…

Esquire Magazine is aiming for the history books with a revolutionary cover for their 75th anniversary issue. The magazine will feature an electronic paper cover that will flash “The 21st Century Begins Now” powered by a tiny battery that will keep the covers live for about 90 days.

The very basic e-paper technology was a challenge for Esquire to stuff into the slim form of a magazine. They had to invest a large sum of money to actually invent a battery small enough to fit in the cover, and restructure the whole manufacturing process for the issue. Only 100,000 out of 720,000 issues will have the special cover, and have to be shipped by refrigerated trucks to preserve battery life.

Will Esquire’s cover make the same kind of splash that National Geographic‘s hologram eagle cover did?  We’ll just have to wait until September when they hit newsstand to see!



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Free Reads

There is a new service called Mygazines.  It is a web site that lets you read magazines, catalogs and brochures online FOR FREE!  There are tons of titles and you can search a variety of different ways… making it really convenient.  And generally speaking the site is pretty intuitive… not Mac intuitive but what is?

Their namesake is a totally unique service that actually allows users to make their own ‘mygazines’ made up of content clipped from any of the sources on the site… and you can have them printed and delivered to you too!  It’s a little pricey but could be a really fun gift…

Mygazines clearly has potential.  Even though I like to physically hold magazines — I’m a flipper & clipper — when I don’t have the energy to hit a newsstand or am looking for free entertainment, this could definitely do the trick!



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