The Room is Spinning

This dynamic building annoys me.

Designed by architect David Fisher, it is getting major coverage because each of it’s 80 floors will independently rotate 360*.

Everybody is so excited by it’s “innovative design”, but honestly, the only thing that appeals to me is the practical nature of every apartment having an equally majestic view… and price tag.  However, it is that same practical sensibility that hates everything else about it.  

The Power of Three:


  1. Let’s face it… the more moving parts anything has, the more likely it is that it will break.  And what happens when one of the floors gets stuck or worse yet breaks loose causing everybody on the floor to suffer from non-alcohol induced “spins”?  Eugh!
  2. The nature of the design mandates that all stairs, elevators and pipes need to be feed down the center of the building.  And the idea of all the guts of building being only in the backbone seems dangerous and messy… Of course, I have never been a fan of high rises since I wondered how toilet contents from the top floor got to the sewer. ‘Nuf said.
  3. Although there are some sleek, almost ripple-like designs in some of the images above, I would go OCD-crazy if my building looked like the 5th image.  I don’t want to come home to a deranged Rubik’s Cube.
So go ahead… shoot me!  I don’t like it even though everybody else in the world seems to.  But what’s new… I feel the same way about Facebook.


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3 responses to “The Room is Spinning

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  2. babybound

    I hear ya sista. I mean, what if you’re a light sleeper and you need perfect darkness and you have no control over the amount of light that might filter in through your windows in the morning? Or how about if you’re planning the perfect proposal and want to do it in your apartment at sunset? can’t count on even seeing it in this clunker. Or better yet, all the escape routs are in the exact same place? Where the fuck is plan B!?!??!

  3. babybound

    O and don’t say window.

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