Bon Appetite

I think I have been fairly upfront about the nesting phase I have entered. 

For the first time since living with my parents (which was forever ago), I have actually cozied up my living space… making it look and feel like my own.  Totally unlike before when I lived like a gypsy who wouldn’t sign a lease or hang my hat because I had one foot out the door… regardless of whether or not I actually did.  I have framed and hung artwork, purchased a Jonathan Adler throw pillow and invested in my new bff – the Le Creuset grill.  But don’t get the wrong idea here…I have no interest in being Martha Stewart or Donna Reed for that matter.  Nor could I be if I lost my sense of self decided to. 

Regardless, I appreciate this Whole Meal Bread Making Demo Video… and as long as you are into 80’s style belly-tanks, break-dancing and hair-band sex appeal, you will appreciate it too.  Bon Appetite!

via MailboxTees


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