Turn Me On

Check out French photographer and designer, Marianne Maric‘s Lamp Girls.

Her explanation:

These “lamp-girls” were first conceived as an illustration of the woman as a thing conveyed by the “entertainment world,” but gradually ascending to a state of consciousness. These photographs were part of a broader vision: once the costume was finished, the “living” model put it on and took place on a white rotating base into a dark room. The public had the choice to turn on or off the lamp, the dress, the girl, the room. I wanted to “immortalize” this moment when a woman become a simple household appliance. That is how these photographs were born.

I don’t know it I believe that mumbo-jumbo but I do agree this is clearly a step-up from A Christmas Story‘s leg lamp

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  1. babybound

    I think I know a lil someone named Poopy that would beg to differ….yup. Definite dif fer

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