Free Reads

There is a new service called Mygazines.  It is a web site that lets you read magazines, catalogs and brochures online FOR FREE!  There are tons of titles and you can search a variety of different ways… making it really convenient.  And generally speaking the site is pretty intuitive… not Mac intuitive but what is?

Their namesake is a totally unique service that actually allows users to make their own ‘mygazines’ made up of content clipped from any of the sources on the site… and you can have them printed and delivered to you too!  It’s a little pricey but could be a really fun gift…

Mygazines clearly has potential.  Even though I like to physically hold magazines — I’m a flipper & clipper — when I don’t have the energy to hit a newsstand or am looking for free entertainment, this could definitely do the trick!



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2 responses to “Free Reads

  1. excellent! thanks for the post!

  2. babybound

    You’re such a flipper and clipper. ew.

    See? See what I just did there? I just made it sound lame. HA!

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