News Flash

While we’re chatting about magazines…

Esquire Magazine is aiming for the history books with a revolutionary cover for their 75th anniversary issue. The magazine will feature an electronic paper cover that will flash “The 21st Century Begins Now” powered by a tiny battery that will keep the covers live for about 90 days.

The very basic e-paper technology was a challenge for Esquire to stuff into the slim form of a magazine. They had to invest a large sum of money to actually invent a battery small enough to fit in the cover, and restructure the whole manufacturing process for the issue. Only 100,000 out of 720,000 issues will have the special cover, and have to be shipped by refrigerated trucks to preserve battery life.

Will Esquire’s cover make the same kind of splash that National Geographic‘s hologram eagle cover did?  We’ll just have to wait until September when they hit newsstand to see!



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2 responses to “News Flash

  1. i have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of this kind of paper technology in the near future…


  2. babybound

    Until it can turn into a chocolate rainbow…I’m not impressed.

    Mmmmmm chocolate…..

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