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The streets of New Orleans are patrolled by a vigilante called The Gray Ghost, 52 year old Fred Radtke, a man who’s been systematically obliterating every piece of graffiti across the city with the same shade of gray paint since 1997. 

For my eleventh installment of All Things English… check out how British street artist Banksy used The Grey Ghost’s canvas as a launch pad for a fresh piece in New Orleans. 


Doesn’t this have a “Hello, my name is Simon” from Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings feel?  Keeping in the ATE theme, these cartoons were originally made in England by Filmfair in the 70’s… and they too are rad.





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For my tenth installment of All Things English…

English supermodel Kate Moss has officially earned her weight in gold thanks to English artist Marc Quinn‘s latest sculpture called Siren.  His sculpture of Moss is said to be the largest solid-gold statue to be made in the world since the time of Ancient Egypt.  Quinn estimated the value of the life-sized, 110 lbs, three feet tall (because she is in a seated yoga pose) sculpture at more than £1.5 million.

Before this, Marc Quinn’s most famous sculpture has been Alison Lapper Pregnant which appeared on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Speaking about choosing the supermodel as a subject, Quinn said: “I thought the next thing to do would be to make a sculpture of the person who’s the ideal beauty of the moment.”

The statue will be displayed in the Nereid Gallery of the British Museum, alongside other statues such as Crouching Venus, a Hellenistic model of Venus surprised while bathing.

Quinn’s latest work, which shows Moss in a yoga pose, is part of a collection, entitled Statuephilia, by contemporary artists going on display at the British Museum.

It is the second time the London-born artist has used the model as his muse. He previously created Sphinx, a white-painted bronze sculpture of the fashion icon.

Quinn is also known for Self, a bust of his head made from eight pints of his own frozen blood.

Other artists exhibiting include Damien Hirst and Angel of the North creator Anthony Gormley.

Gormley said: “The British Museum is a laboratory of possibility for any creative mind. It is filled with objects that reach across time and touch us intimately.

“Seeing as a child the great head of Rameses and the Assyrian winged bulls at the British Museum was what made me become a sculptor.”

The exhibition will run from October 4 to January 25.


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TGIF September 29th!

Not only is it Friday, let alone the Friday before a three day weekend… but today is also the day that Night of the Giving Head, a “zombie porno” movie, is being released.   Yeah, you read that right… a zombie porno.

Obviously this peaked my interest, um… bad choice of words, I mean ‘left me with questions’.  The following is the first line of the press release on AVN and I think it pretty much covers it.

Half-naked zombie girls surround a hilltop house, pounding on its plate glass windows and screaming for “more cum, more cum.”

This is not a joke… although admittedly funny.

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The Wheels On The Bus

I didn’t bother to mention it but about a month or so back, my morning bus driver, Barbara, changed routes and therefore literally drove out of my life.  I was actually kinda bummed because this spunky nugget of a bus driver was always entertaining with her mad woman slightly aggressive driving, verbal bitch-slapping colorful commentary, and genuine happiness to see us when we got on the bus.


Anyway, this morning as I got on the bus, I found none other than Ms. Sassy Pants Barbara sat in the driver’s seat.  I couldn’t help myself, I blurted out, “Your back!” to which she replied, “That’s right, honey child.  I see you’re on time today and not all running up on my bus huffing.  Now go sit down baby girl… this ain’t no time to get sappy.”


Aw, Barbara… you always know just what to say.  (Insert: tear)


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Overheard @ Office in SoMa


A gigantic kitchen in an undisclosed office in the SoMa district of San Francisco. 


A handful of coworkers are hanging out while preparing their breakfast around the center island of the kitchen.  Two female coworkers get to reminiscing about how their mothers dressed in the 80’s.  One coworker told a story about how her mom used to wear muu muus big, flowing, colorful, butterfly dresses… but admitted that they were living in Hawaii at the time so it was pretty normal.  Another coworker added to the conversation,

“Do you know what’s worse?  My mom used to wear that stuff too and we lived in AMERICA!”

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The Hills Have Eyes

JR‘s latest project, titled Women Are Heros, in the favelas of Rio is just breathtaking. 

Right now JR is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where the context of favelas has encouraged him to meet women for whom crime, violent loss of loves ones and arbitrary repression are part of everyday life.  Favela da Providencia was chosen to host the project for it’s strong historical relevance – it was the first favela of Rio de janeiro and carried the title of the most dangerous of all. 

Through the portraits of the women, coming from different origins and generations, you reach their stories and understand their vision of life in the contezt of conflict.  In each photo you can face a different part of the woman’s expression of life.  This perspective unites hill and asphalt to give a face to the favela.

The art project is completely independent and not sponsored by any institution or brand.  The technique used is simple – the portraits become oversized prints which are pasted on the architecture with the help of the community.

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The Magical Fruit

The Bean, a.k.a. Cloud Gate, is a public sculpture by Anish Kapoor in Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois.  It’s made of 168 highly polished stainless steel plates, and stands 33 feet high, 66 feet long, and 42 feet wide, and weighs 110 tons.  Inspired by liquid mercury, it was designed to reflect the city’s skyline.  I just want to touch it!

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