America’s Finest

The sun, the sand, the douche bags… the Dirty Jersey Shore!  It never ceases to amaze me just how “unique” this breed of American is…


Although my mom instinctively refers to New Jersey as The Armpit of America, I am sure even she would be horrified to know that this is the type of stuff for which her home state is known.  Luckily for her, she left the state when she was three years old… and doesn’t understand “how to turn on the interweb” so she will never see this video.  Bless her computerly-challenged-heart!




Filed under Reality Check, trends

2 responses to “America’s Finest

  1. babybound

    Words. Escape. Me.

  2. NahTube

    Not sure what was on the video. But NJ has many beautiful places. You can find shitholes everywhere. Just so happens that the airport, where most people are introduced to NJ, is smack in the middle of a smelly industrial zone.

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