Getting To Know You

So as I mentioned before, this past week I have been pet/house sitting for a friend of mine.

I think she was a little bit worried that it would change our friendship… for the sole reason that her sweet-as-pie-Labrador is a major handful! 

But I have to be honest, it wasn’t the dog that changed our friendship.  It was this:


The coffee grinder that sits on her kitchen counter next to the brewer. 

The worst part is that she claims she didn’t steal it from her office or local Jiffy Lube waiting area…  

So now, thanks to this experience, I know that this woman I call “a friend” is nothing more than a Label Whore!


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6 responses to “Getting To Know You

  1. They are gentle yet energetic, making them the perfect family pet. Labrador

  2. babybound

    That’s it? That’s all ya got? My silly coffee grinder? You were here a week and THAT was the worst thing you found? HAHAHAHAHAHHA

    For the record, I have 2. One for spices, one for coffee. Mark used the spice one for coffee once. All the spices then tasted like coffee. Fight fight fight….sorry sorry sorry…..label them. Problem solved. See?

  3. NoticeThings

    It’s my blog. I like my version of Label Whore better. Did I mention it was my blog?

    And for the record, I did find “other” stuff… actually Sandy found it for me. But I really didn’t think you would appreciate me bringing up your Naked Radar porn collection in such a public forum… but you pushed me!!!

  4. b

    I would love to hear more about this “Naked Radar porn collection” that babybound has. I KNEW she had secrets!!!!!

  5. NoticeThings

    I should introduce you to my mom… her motto is, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, make sure to sit by me!”

    But in all honesty, BabyBound started this ‘collection’ about a month or so ago when she sat on this craigslist patio furniture from Berkeley… she has never been the same…

  6. NoticeThings

    Labrador – I couldn’t agree more!

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