Overheard @ Office in SoMa


A gigantic kitchen in an undisclosed office in the SoMa district of San Francisco. 


A handful of coworkers are hanging out while preparing their breakfast around the center island of the kitchen.  Two female coworkers get to reminiscing about how their mothers dressed in the 80’s.  One coworker told a story about how her mom used to wear muu muus big, flowing, colorful, butterfly dresses… but admitted that they were living in Hawaii at the time so it was pretty normal.  Another coworker added to the conversation,

“Do you know what’s worse?  My mom used to wear that stuff too and we lived in AMERICA!”


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One response to “Overheard @ Office in SoMa

  1. babybound

    OK. I request for you to please meet me in an undisclosed cauffic in said office in the SoMa District and tell me who it was. Cause girl? Wow.

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