The Wheels On The Bus

I didn’t bother to mention it but about a month or so back, my morning bus driver, Barbara, changed routes and therefore literally drove out of my life.  I was actually kinda bummed because this spunky nugget of a bus driver was always entertaining with her mad woman slightly aggressive driving, verbal bitch-slapping colorful commentary, and genuine happiness to see us when we got on the bus.


Anyway, this morning as I got on the bus, I found none other than Ms. Sassy Pants Barbara sat in the driver’s seat.  I couldn’t help myself, I blurted out, “Your back!” to which she replied, “That’s right, honey child.  I see you’re on time today and not all running up on my bus huffing.  Now go sit down baby girl… this ain’t no time to get sappy.”


Aw, Barbara… you always know just what to say.  (Insert: tear)



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