T.S.A. Communication

The perfect gift for a world traveler (or anybody who wants to go to jail) – Evan Roth‘s T.S.A. Communication

From the Web site:

T.S.A. Communicationis a project that alters the airport security experience and allows the government to learn more about you then just what’s in your backpack. Thin 8.5 x 11 inch laser-cut sheets of stainless steel comfortably fit in your carry on bag, simultaneously obscuring the contents you don’t want the TSA to see while highlighting ideas you do want them to see. Change your role as air traveler from passive to active.

Here is what the T.S.A. see on the x-ray monitor:

I hope they are customizable one day because those aren’t the comments I really had in mind…


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3 responses to “T.S.A. Communication

  1. babybound

    Yeah. Something like “I have porn and condoms in here and I’d love for you to show everyone in line please” sounds pretty awesome.

  2. I need one that says “TSA + X-RAY = IDIOT ON BOARD” and BOTOX = POISON 😉

  3. Some Guy

    Yeah, that’s a wonderful idea, if you want them to call a LEO on you. It’s funny how everyone gets so angry at airport security.

    Airport security isn’t much different than it was when contracted companies like Huntley and Globe were there. Everyone thinks that they’re giving up their rights. They don’t ask much for what the service is, just that you don’t present any threats… You have the right to stop flying anytime you like.

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