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Not Your Mother’s Hallmark

Picture 6

For those of you that feel creatively-limited by someecards, try Pigspigot, a new user-generated greeting card site.  Users can upload their own personal graphics as well as include their own greeting message making for a completely customized product. These cards can then be sent digitally for free, or printed and snail-mailed for $3.99. All card creations are then cataloged in the Pigspigot “library” for other users as inspiration or to send themselves. Designed like a greeting card-wiki, the more people use the site, the stronger it gets with more cards available… so go send one.

Picture 10

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Picture 12

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Stupid Shit – IV

Picture 4

Alain Berteau Designworks is a Brussels-based architecture practice that has evolved into an award-winning product and  interior design agency.  One of her designs, called Pick Up Wood, is for clothing hangers… well, sorta.

Picture 5

Sold by sets of 8, these “hangers” are literally just hooks… requiring buyers to then go outdoors and find branches into which they screw the hooks.  The “green” designer thought it was a waste of energy to re-form wood and wanted to force consumers to spend time out in nature.

I’m all for eco-friendly products… I test drove a Prius… but this is stupid. Not only would these hangers take up tons of room in your closet, they are dirty, they would pull the treads of your clothing and could, god-forbid, bring bugs into your home and wardrobe.  Thanks but no thanks.  Lets keep these baby’s strictly in the concept phase…

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DIY #3: ‘Stache It Out

Moustaches are powerful tufts of hair. 

Luckily not everybody can grow one, but that shouldn’t stop anybody from harnassing it’s power.  That’s where the finger ‘stache comes in…



  1. Draw a moustache on the side of your clean pointer finger with a Sharpie marker
  2. Place same finger under your nose on your top lip (now do you see why I suggested the finger be clean?)
  3. Voila!

If you aren’t into drawing on yourself you can always use this pre-made moustache masterpiece, but I’m warning you that it won’t be as much fun! 

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Flickd – Black Tie… If You Like It or Not

I guess this is how the ‘upper class’ screw with their friends who have passed out.  Why write “douche bag” and “faggot” on their face when you can dress them up as hired help… the worst insult in the book!

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The Sticky Note Experiments

To perk up your Monday…

EepyBird Production (the guys who started the Diet Coke & Mentos campaign) have now created The Sticky Note Experiments for OfficeMax to support their tagline “Life is beautiful.  Work can be, too.”  And I thought I was being creative when I temporarily hemmed my pants with binder clips!

The Sticky Note Experiments

I unfortunately can’t say that this is a mirror image of my work place but what I can say is that this type of thing happens in my head ALL THE TIME!  (I just made sticky notes scary, didn’t I?)

BTW, ‘Post-Its’ sounds than “Sticky Note”.

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Be The Change

Year of Creativity 2008 – YOC – is a site designed to stimulate creativity.  

The first initiative in the YOC project is “Be the Change”, an entertaining and ironic way of expressing our multiple identities through a set of highly original, personalized business cards.

So I went through the selection and handpicked these six cards which I think best represent me and my multiple personalities multifaceted personality.   I wonder… do these biz cards feel like they belong to the same person who made this vision board

If you’re in the mood, visit the site – I am sure you will find a card (or cards) that tickles your fancy.  Once you personalize them, they’re in a ready-to-print format so you can also pass them out… you know, if you’re “that guy”.

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One Man’s Doodle…

Remove your mind from the gutter… I am talking about ABSTRACT EXPRESSION, people!!!

I was chatting online with a good bud of mine when he shot me this link… Jackson Pollock.  Needless to say, that was the end of our conversation because I became totally enamored by the site.  What’s not to love about creating Pollack-like paintings on your computer with a click of your pen (or mouse)?  I guess my next step would be to try to pass it off as “art” like Pollack.  Nah… how many times are people really going to fall for that?!?!

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Ants In Your Pants

Viral video builds are a trend that don’t seem to want to die.  Not all of them are “cool” per se but they are usually at least interesting… and I typically like “interesting”. 

Now this one, on the otherhand, is totally rad!  I love this guy… whoever he is… and I want to be just like him when I grow up!

(Sidenote for dance-a-phobs:  If somebody cares enough to want to dance with you then they care enough about you not to think you look like an idiot dancing.  So just dance!)

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Bon Appetite

I think I have been fairly upfront about the nesting phase I have entered. 

For the first time since living with my parents (which was forever ago), I have actually cozied up my living space… making it look and feel like my own.  Totally unlike before when I lived like a gypsy who wouldn’t sign a lease or hang my hat because I had one foot out the door… regardless of whether or not I actually did.  I have framed and hung artwork, purchased a Jonathan Adler throw pillow and invested in my new bff – the Le Creuset grill.  But don’t get the wrong idea here…I have no interest in being Martha Stewart or Donna Reed for that matter.  Nor could I be if I lost my sense of self decided to. 

Regardless, I appreciate this Whole Meal Bread Making Demo Video… and as long as you are into 80’s style belly-tanks, break-dancing and hair-band sex appeal, you will appreciate it too.  Bon Appetite!

via MailboxTees

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Play With Your… Food

Bompas & Parr creates fine English jelly and different moulds for jelly, and now they want your help.
Bompas & Parr operates in the space between food and architecture. They want to explores how the taste of food is altered through synaesthesia, performance and setting. The jelly design competition is a part of the London Festival of Architecture. The resulting moulds and preparatory material will be auctioned on behalf of Architects for Aid.

Each entry will be judged on innovation, aesthetics and “wobble factor”. So hurry up, the deadline of midnight on 23 May!

Check out the creative brief here.

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