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Le Cool Publishing is a completely independent publishing company that is dedicated to creating guidebooks filled with the most awesome underground experiences that reflect the city’s true flavor rather than the “hippest or latest” lemming crap.

I am excited to report that as of this May, the London version was published… putting it in my ninth installment of All Things English.

Designed by Jeremy Leslie at John Brown, A Weird and Wonderful Guide to London is the gateway to a city of freaks and wonders, of the kind you hear whispered about in dark corners, but were never quite sure existed. Edited by Mat Osman, it takes you by the hand and leads you throughout the city, from New Cross to Mayfair, opening closed doors and revealing secrets that might just change your life. 

Here’s a sneak peek…

Buy it or any of the other European cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam or Lisbon) here.


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Argh… Where’s me Eyepatch?


Cross Bones

This chandelier is at the Theatre of Obsessions in the Jordaan section of Amsterdam.  I don’t even want to estimate how much that sucker weighs or the size of the house you would have to have in order to hang it but I love it… I am scared of it… but I love it.

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