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Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots with the Fur…

This is a photo of Cinders, the boot wearing pig.  He suffers from a real phobia… Dirt Phobia.  I kid you not!  So her owners outfitted her with Paddington Bear doll Wellies so that this little piggy can be a… pig.  Proof this story is more than a Photoshop job:

After a little eyerolling chuckle, I basked in the comfort that I (and those I love and respect) am above this nonsense.  But the true test was today, Bring Your Pet to Work Day, when my promises-he-isn’t-gay-coworker brought his dog, Jada, into the office.

Am I still above this?  Hell yeah I am!  It’s kinda funny on a pig who is afraid of dirt.  Sorta sad in person…



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