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Driving While on the Phone

The following is a graphic public service film depicting the ravages of using cell phones while driving.  Although created and aired only in the United Kingdom, it’s message is relevant everywhere.  Surely this wont be aired in it’s entirety on US television due to the gruesome nature of the content but thanks to the internet it can still be viewed.  Which begs the questions… Is this video appropriate?  Is it shock for shock-value’s-sake or does it have the power to actually change behavior.  You decide.

WARNING:  The following video is extremely graphic and violent. Watch at your own discretion.

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Da Me Mas Gasonlina!

I have a car.  It is awesome.  And by awesome I mean “a seventeen year old, 4 door, Acura Legend with gold trim, rims and do-hickies”.  All gold, all the time… like a pimp.

Yeah, that’s how I roll.  And by roll I mean “park” because I never use it but if I did, I would buy my gas through Mygallons.com.  

Mygallons.com is a new service that lets you purchase gasoline at the current rate, and lock in that price for future fill ups. For example: you prepay for 100 gallons at $4.10 a gallon and every time you get gas (until the 100 gallons run out) you pay that rate – even if prices go up. The system uses a debit card that’s accepted at 95% of the gas stations in the United States. Users can either pay a $29.95 annual fee for automatic refills to their card, or $39.95 for manual refills. Rates go up slightly if you buy a higher grade fuel or fill up outside of your home area. Your price per gallon is calculated based on an average price in your local region. You’ll also get credits if the gas is significantly cheaper than your local average. The only potential downside to this program is if gas prices go down, which is of course, very unlikely.

Cool, huh?

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Funny Monday – Tiddy Bear

Laughter is life’s medicine… consider yourself cured!

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Waiting for Gas… in the Bike Lane


This would never happen in NYC (read: Manhattan) because there aren’t any gas stations nor would it happen in LA because nobody there cares enough about the environment to ride a bike. 

So for me this is another, “only in San Francisco” moment. 

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