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Virtual Reality

It’s bad enough that I sit in front of the computer all day at work… I really dont need to feel like my home life is pixelating right underneath me with this couch by a Royal College of Art graduate student called Cristian Zuzunaga


However, if you are into it, you will eventually be ablt to find it through an Italian furniture company called Moroso.

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I wish my office looked like the new MUSAC (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon.  If it did, I would probably skip to work.   


 via Mailboxtees


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Minus the Pot of Gold


Leprechauns everywhere are jumping for joy over this Rainbow In Your Hand flip-book by Masashi Kawamura.   This flip-book has 36 pages of an image of the color spectrum against a black background which gives the illusion of a rainbow hovering over the book as the pages are flipped.

If you must have one… and I know you do… go to Utrecht.

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I Heart Pantone

Sorry I have been MIA but I went on an amazing trip to NYC with my mom to, well, you know…. bond.  And bonding to us means shopping, eating and sleeping (in any order).  A lot.  

So while we were bonding I ran into my one of my heart throbs… Pantone.  You know, Pantone!  The literal “authority of color” and creator of those cute little color chips.  Ever since I can remember, I have coveted the Pantone color bibles… pages and pages of beautiful colors that melt into the next.  Yum!


Anyway,  I ran into Pantone when we popped our heads into Uniqlo— an always packed clothing store in SoHo with gigantic front windows that flood the rainbow of clothing colors out onto the street.  I found that now 20 of those amazing colors are born from a partnership with Pantone which made those neatly folded sweater wall displays even more tempting to mess up as put every color up to my face.  “How do I look in this one?”  Brill!


So when I got back home I started e-stalking Pantone and found that Mango‘s spring/summer line included the New Pantone Bag — which, despite my feelings for Mango, was quite lovely due to the gorgeous colors!

mango-and-pantone.jpg  pantone-bags.jpg

It seems as though my dear Pantone gets around.  

The point is — when a brand partnership makes sense, I am all about it… especially when it involves by beloved Pantone!

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