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Man On Wire

Sometimes you have to lay it all on the line…

On August 8th 2008, almost 34 years to the day Philippe Petit walked across a wire strung between the World Trade Center towers, the independent film documenting the feat called Man on Wire will be released.

On August 7th 1974, a young Frenchman named Philippe Petite stepped out on a wire illegally rigged between New York’s twin towers, then the world’s tallest buildings.  After nearly an hour dancing on the wire, he was arrested, taken for psychological evaluation, and brought to jail before he was finally released.

Following six and a half years of dreaming of the towers, Petit spent eight months in New York City planning the execution of the coup.  Aided by a team of friends and accomplices, Petit was faced with numerous extraordinary challenges; he had to find a way to bypass the WTC’s security; smuggle the heavy steel cable and rigging equipment into the towers; pass the wire between the two rooftops; anchor the wire and tension it to withstand the winds and the swaying of the buildings.  At 7:15 am, Petit took his first step on the high wire 1,350 feet above the sidewalks of Manhattan… without a safety net!

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