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My fourth installment of All Things English… 

I had a feeling this would become a trend given peoples reactions to my previous post Tide Chandelier


This, my friends, is literally glowing trash art… a.k.a. another trash chandelier.  And once again, it looks pretty cool. 


This design is by David Batchelor, who although actually Scottish, lives his life as a sculptor, artist, writer and currently tutor at the Royal College of Art in London.

You were wondering how I was going to make this English, weren’t you?  Yeah, me too!

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My third installment of All Things English…


I can’t wait to check out the East Beach Cafe in the small seaside town of Littlehampton.  This extraordinary fish ‘n chips hut looks like nothing you have ever seen before… or have you?!?! 


This restaurant was designed by Thomas Heatherwick, a British renaissance man who takes credit for designing loads of things including handbags, shop interiors, bridges, Japanese temples and 56-meter tall sculptures.  Even more shocking than some of his designs is the fact that he has never had proper architectural training aside from that found on-the-job.


The East Beach Cafe is so extraordinary it was nominated for the Brit Insurance Design of the Year Awards which is the Design Museum of London’s annual exhibition and awards program. 

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My second installment of All Things English…

I bring you Estelle.  For those of you hip cats that already know of her, bravo!  For those of you who don’t, catch up!  (And that goes for me too.)  I just learned of her a couple days ago when she was doing a radio interview for Alice in San Francisco.  She was debuting her new song American Boy due to drop in April.  The song is super catchy.  Unfortunately, the song features Kanye West… so I am sure it will get a lot of attention but I hope the attention doesn’t overshadow Estelle’s raspy voice that makes it what it is.  She sounds like an Erykad Badu with an English accent… need I say more?!!



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