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Where the Wild Things Are

Remember that creepy Stephen King movie called Cat’s Eye?  The movie about a tiny, evil troll who lives behind the skirting board of little Drew Barrymore’s bedroom that comes out at night when she is sleeping to suck away her breath and life?  Well, this should rekindle those fears…

Kage no Sekai

“Although at first glance it looks like a regular wooden table, if you look at the shadows on its surface you’ll see the movement of mysterious life forms. When you approach it to have a better look, they sense your presence and hide away. They do not emerge while human shadows are cast over the table, but the life forms hiding within a distant shadow are watching them.”

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Gnome Sweet Gnome


 … or are they?  Look, I loved the movie Amelie just like the rest of you but let’s face it…  beyond that and the roaming Travelocity mascot, gnomes are creepy.  And now I have proof.

Exhibit A:  The Sun article titled, ‘Creepy gnome’ terrorises town.

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