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For my tenth installment of All Things English…

English supermodel Kate Moss has officially earned her weight in gold thanks to English artist Marc Quinn‘s latest sculpture called Siren.  His sculpture of Moss is said to be the largest solid-gold statue to be made in the world since the time of Ancient Egypt.  Quinn estimated the value of the life-sized, 110 lbs, three feet tall (because she is in a seated yoga pose) sculpture at more than £1.5 million.

Before this, Marc Quinn’s most famous sculpture has been Alison Lapper Pregnant which appeared on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Speaking about choosing the supermodel as a subject, Quinn said: “I thought the next thing to do would be to make a sculpture of the person who’s the ideal beauty of the moment.”

The statue will be displayed in the Nereid Gallery of the British Museum, alongside other statues such as Crouching Venus, a Hellenistic model of Venus surprised while bathing.

Quinn’s latest work, which shows Moss in a yoga pose, is part of a collection, entitled Statuephilia, by contemporary artists going on display at the British Museum.

It is the second time the London-born artist has used the model as his muse. He previously created Sphinx, a white-painted bronze sculpture of the fashion icon.

Quinn is also known for Self, a bust of his head made from eight pints of his own frozen blood.

Other artists exhibiting include Damien Hirst and Angel of the North creator Anthony Gormley.

Gormley said: “The British Museum is a laboratory of possibility for any creative mind. It is filled with objects that reach across time and touch us intimately.

“Seeing as a child the great head of Rameses and the Assyrian winged bulls at the British Museum was what made me become a sculptor.”

The exhibition will run from October 4 to January 25.

via Telegraph.co.uk

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Fuzzy Jewelry

I love jewelry.  And to make my addiction even less manageable, I like the fine stuff.  Every few years I set my sights on a special piece… right now the object of my desire is a rainbow moonstone necklace designed by Irene Neuwirth that looks something like this.  

(I know this is a sickness because I actually hesitated before typing out the designer’s name in fear that somebody else would purchase it from underneath me.)  I need professional help!

But what do you do when you just cant justify afford such luxuries?  Well, designers Mike and Maaike have come up with an interesting solution.  They googled the world’s most precious and valuable jewelry, took the low resolution images and then transferred them on leather for truly unique pieces of costume jewelry.

In case you are curious, here are the high res images they are stolen from…

So, would these satisfy my jewelry desires?  No way!  But maybe they would satisfy yours… and let’s face it, I’m here for you!

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