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The Power Of Three

I have been a bad blogger and my excuse is even lamer… I am dog/cat/house-sitting at a place that has super crappy spotty Internet connection.  I curse Linksys!  But I am back on track, my friends, and am in fine form after an excellent morning that consisted of the following:

  1. I got totally lost a little bit turned around on my way into the office (I’m not familiar with the neighborhood in which I am pet/house sitting)… but luckily for me, my iPhone map application guided me smoothly from god-only-knows-where-point-A to point B.  I have a feeling my iPhone and I are going to have a very happy relationship together… (cue the doves).
  2. As I walked into the office with two of my coworkers, we literally almost got stuck in this doorjam as we unintentionally attempted to walk through it at the same time.  I don’t think I have ever laughed this hard before 8:30am on a Monday.

  1. It was released across AP that scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed artificially engineered materials (called metamaterials) that redirect light rendering the objects/people they cloak INVISIBLE!  My dream to be a fly on the wall (or Harry Potter) just might come true…



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Walk It Out

Good news! Google now offers walking directions in it’s map application. Sure – it’s not totally necessary in terms of showing you where to walk BUT now you can accurately measure the distance of specific routes which I think is so cool.

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