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Stupid Shit – IV

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Alain Berteau Designworks is a Brussels-based architecture practice that has evolved into an award-winning product and  interior design agency.  One of her designs, called Pick Up Wood, is for clothing hangers… well, sorta.

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Sold by sets of 8, these “hangers” are literally just hooks… requiring buyers to then go outdoors and find branches into which they screw the hooks.  The “green” designer thought it was a waste of energy to re-form wood and wanted to force consumers to spend time out in nature.

I’m all for eco-friendly products… I test drove a Prius… but this is stupid. Not only would these hangers take up tons of room in your closet, they are dirty, they would pull the treads of your clothing and could, god-forbid, bring bugs into your home and wardrobe.  Thanks but no thanks.  Lets keep these baby’s strictly in the concept phase…

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This Store Blows

It is difficult to relate to hot weather while I am spending this summer in San Francisco.  However, I can completely relate to the importance of energy conservation given the Bay Area is extremely tapped into the green movement.  Natural resources… they’re kind of a big deal.

Clearly super retail site Racked feels the same way.  They have devoted an entire section of their site, appropriately called This Store Blows, to painting electronic scarlet letters on retailers around NYC “that leave the doors of their stores propped wide open in the hopes of enticing shoppers in with blasts of frigid air conditioning”.  A viral protest of this blatant waste of energy.

Let’s hope that Patagonia never makes it onto that list.  Even though most companies are just starting to jump on the environmental activism bandwagon, this has always been one of Patagonia’s core values.  And to take it a step further, they have set their sights on making all their clothes fully recyclable by 2010.  In the meantime, they have launched an apparent “transparent” approach to tracking the social and environmental impact of specific Patagonia products from design through delivery with The Footprint Chronicles

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