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Pretty much every brand executive has heard of YouTube.  Most don’t really understand how it plays out in the cultural landscape but have read enough to understand that they should… and that their jobs might actually depend on that understanding.  But I digress…

One fun YouTube execution that I just found is for the promotion of Batman: The Dark Knight in the Brazilian market.  The marketing team has uploaded trailers from famous Warner Brothers movies (The Bucket List, No Reservations and I Am Legend) which have been edited and ridiculed by the Joker, to show his disgust with the company.  The best part is that they have been uploaded under the user name “haahhahaa” and all contain a phone number that when dialed plays a recorded message from the Joker himself.

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Kool-Aid… Oh, Yeah!

I am sure all of us can remember the Kool-Aid commercials that would interrupt our cartoons on the weekends.  The Kool-Aid Man, a big smiling jug of cherry-colored, sugary kid-crack, was known for bursting suddenly through walls as though summoned by children in need of refreshment.

I think their guerrilla marketing has made leaps and bounds over it’s commercials of yesteryear… in a dare-I-say “subtle” way.

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