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Inspired by Advertising

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I’m interested in checking out the new film documentary titled, Art & Copy.  It’s a behind the scenes look at the advertising industry from the perspective of a handful of the greatest creative pioneers whose ideas resulted in some of the most iconic advertisements… and who actually moved and inspired our culture with their work.  Sure, it’s easy to hate advertising when you get pop-ups online or bombarded with television commercials that take up more time then the program you are actually watching… but the madness of a creative mind is intriguing and down right addictive… just ask anybody in the industry.

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Last Lecture

I regret to report that Professor Randy Pausch who gave the famous “Last Lecture” has lost his battle to cancer.

For those of you who are not familiar with Randy, he was a Carnegie Mellon computer-sciences professor who, in September 2007, gave a lecture entitled “Achieving Your Childhood Dreams“.  This lecture was part of the “Last Lecture” series in which professors imagine they’re giving their final lecture before dying.  However unlike all the others professors before him, he was the first to give the speech after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.  He was dying of pancreatic cancer.

Despite the potential for the lecture to be morbid and preachy, it was just the opposite.  He tricked the audience into learning an invaluable lesson by entertaining them with his real life experiences, contagious smile and sense of humor. 

Live your life the “right” way and karma will take care of the rest. 

Maybe it isn’t “karma” for you… maybe you believe in something else… BUT the point doesn’t change. 

Anyway, his lecture was amazing as was his message and I can honestly say that his words have changed me – dramatically.  And I recommend that everybody watch his lecture or read his book.  You, too, will be a better person for it.


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Motivational Thought for the Day

This little animal is called the Naked Mole-Rat and is from Africa.
 So if you are having a bad day and feeling sorry for yourself, remember:
You could look like a dick with buck teeth.

 Via J-Rod… who is very clearly the next Tony Robbins.

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