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Why are They Called Hamsters if They aren’t Made of Ham?

Tell me you haven’t wondered if this could happen!  Well.. it can.  Now you know.

*I make no promises that the hamster wasn’t hurt in this video… because damn, it looked like it did, right?


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City Pet

I want a dog.  Even though I promised myself that for my 30th birthday I would be the proud mama to one — I am left with 2 weeks to go and no hope in site.  However, it seems I have options should I move back to NYC.  I present you with Plastic Bag Animals… aka City Pets!

There is a street artist who’s been making these animals out of discarded plastic bags.   The plastic bag animals are then tied to the ventilation grates above the subway lines so that when the subway rushes through underneath, the animal jumps up and springs to life.


Lay down.


Up!  Goooooooood Dog!

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