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Wednesday’s Urban Word of the Week: Necticles

Definition:  Testicle-looking neck jowls

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My Beautiful Mommy

My Beautiful Mommy is a new picture book for children ages four to seven that aims to explain why mom is getting plastic surgery.  The book features a plastic surgeon named Dr. Michael (a musclebound superhero type) and a girl whose mother gets a tummy tuck, a nose job and breast implants.  If nothing less, it will prepare them for a competitive game of Miss Bimbo, I guess?!?

Via Newsweek

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That’s MISS Bimbo to You

I cant wait to have kids… but this scares me…


Miss Bimbo is a game where girls give virtual characters plastic surgery and feed them diet pills.  They compete against other players in beauty contests to earn money so they can dress their characters in lingerie and take them to nightclubs.  The aim of the game is to become “the coolest, richest and most famous bimbo in the whole world”. Players keep the girls at their target weight using diet pills.

They are given missions, including securing plastic surgery to give their “bimbo” bigger breasts and finding a billionaire boyfriend to bankroll her, while keeping a constant check on her hunger, thirst, happiness and other statistics.

The game, which was launched a month ago, already has nearly 200,000 British players, most of whom are girls aged between nine and 16. When they run out of virtual cash, contestants can send text messages costing £1.50 each to top up their accounts.

What ever happened to games like Operation and Hungry Hippos?




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