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I <3 Puppies


A San Francisco couple set up a live video feed to watch over their dog’s six Shiba Inu puppies… and the rest is history (or rather, workplace distraction). 

If only they could pipe in puppy breath… bestill my puppy-loving heart.


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Doggy Style

I imagine this video is the doggy equivalent of Pamela Anderson running in Baywatch in the 90’s.

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Woof Woof

In my perfect world, this would be my puppy…  


And I would feed my smiling puppy out of this perfectly designed bent plywood food/water bowl stand.  


Why?  Well for starters, I plan on spoiling my puppy like a first child.  Secondly, I figure if I can’t afford my own Eames Molded Plywood coffee table, at least my puppy can have one.  And that is reason enough for me.  

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