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Let Your Darkside Out


Promotional shirts are so predictable – starchy-thick Hanes shirt with awkwardly-long-sleeves and a crunchy, doomed-to-crack decal.  But not the new one used to create buzz for the latest Resident Evil Wii game.  Although traditional at first glace with it’s “Let Your Darkside Out” logo, once the shirt is pulled up over your face you are instantly transformed into a zombie (or a gory Mardi Gras bead-beggar)!  Brilliant!


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Flip it

Erbert and Gerbert’s Subs & Clubs, a sandwich shop chain based in the Midwest, was looking for a way to break through the brand building clutter.  This is what they came up with… I think they nailed the challenge.   What do you think?

Human Flipbook

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Guess what?

Chicken Butt

If only I had this shirt from OneHorseShy when I was in the 3rd grade I could have saved my voice for more important things like prank calling and performing live Madonna: True Blue concerts in my living room… oh well…

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