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Gift Suggestions

Not everybody you need to buy a gift for falls into a generic category – for him, her, pet, hostess, baby, mother, father…  So, I have started a less-than-typical gift suggestion list for some of those other people who deserve something they will love too!

For the PMSing Gothic:  D.L. & Co and Valerie Confectionshave come together to make the skull-chocolate Mori Ex Cacao, meaning “death by chocolate” which has always been the way I would prefer to die!

For Pocketless Geeks:  A clothes pin USB jump drive from POOR Design that you can literally clamp onto your shirt.


For Modest Girls Gone Wild and friends in the Witness Protection ProgramBlack Bar Sunglasses that protect your identity.



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Argh… Where’s me Eyepatch?


Cross Bones

This chandelier is at the Theatre of Obsessions in the Jordaan section of Amsterdam.  I don’t even want to estimate how much that sucker weighs or the size of the house you would have to have in order to hang it but I love it… I am scared of it… but I love it.

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